Handgun found in Lenoir City man's luggage at McGhee Tyson Airport

ALCOA (WATE) - A Lenoir City man was briefly detained Tuesday morning at McGhee Tyson Airport because a small handgun was found in his luggage.

Transportation Security Administration officers discovered the loaded .22 Highstandard Derringer pistol at the security checkpoint in John Verble's carry-on bag.

Verble was cited for the weapon and it was confiscated, but he was allowed to board his flight to Houston.

The man told officers he forgot he was carrying the weapon as he prepared for his trip.

Verble's gun is the ninth firearm discovered at McGhee Tyson in 2013.

TSA reports 1,556 firearms were discovered at checkpoints nationwide in 2012, including 10 at McGhee Tyson last year.