Half Million For Cars

Earlier this year during the budget process, Sheriff Guider requested 10 new patrol cars at an approximate cost of $250,000.00. That request was granted.

At the last county commission budget meeting, committee members were presented with another request from Sheriff Guider to do a lease purchase for 28 new patrol cars over the next three years. Estimated cost $712,786.00. The budget committee rejected the lease purchase request but approved the purchase of another 10 new cars this year at an estimated cost of $250,000.00. Only one member of the budget committee voted against the proposal. Commissioner, Austin Shaver voted no. Here's the rub.

The logic behind the second request for new cars this year is that next year, the Crown Victoria police cars will be discontinued by Ford. So the sheriff wants to go ahead and buy some extras. It was also discussed that it could save the county some twenty-eight thousand dollars in maintenance of the old cars. Spend $250,000.00 and save $28,000.00. Humm.

With the budget committee's approval, it appears a majority of commissioners may be onboard with the proposal. This is a bit surprising given that most commissioners have lately taken a position declining to add additional spending in the middle of the budget year. You may recall just last month, commission turned down a request from the county mayor for $9,500.00 for some new furniture and a Thanksgiving dinner.