Hackberry Woolly Aphid

What are Those Tiny White Flying Bugs? It’s the question of the day, without a doubt. Say Hello to Woolly Aphids.

They look like miniature house flies that have been rolled in flour or covered in white mold. Yes they bite. Not often but every now and then they bite.

Any of your gardening experts know what those little white flying bugs are? No matter where we go it's like an invasion, you see white “flakes” floating around like tiny snow. What you’re seeing is the Asian Hackberry Woolly Aphid. They’re common for this area.

The aphids were accidentally introduced in Florida in the mid 1990s.

The aphids feed on hackberry trees. So, people who have those are seeing sticky residue on cars, patio furniture and decks. The aphids feed on sugar from the trees and it goes in one end and out the other.

It will likely be this way until October or November, when those trees lose their leaves.