Gun Safety

As a strong supporter of the second amendment, member of the NRA and the holder of a gun permit,  I do have concerns about gun safety. I feel everyone should have the opportunity to learn at least the basics of gun safety. How often do we hear of shooting accidents, especially among children, that could have been so easily prevented with proper safety education.

Obama and the left's first response to every gun incident is to call for more regulations on law abiding gun owners which we all know does no good. Obama says if we could save the life of one child, all his regulations would be worth it.

I feel there is a much better way to protect  children and adults alike. Gun safety training.

Consider this an open letter to the Loudon County Board Of Education.

To Director Of Schools, Jason Vance and the Loudon County Board Of Education,

For the entire history of our country and before, firearms have defined and defended the American way of life.

Firearms are as much a fabric of our free society as baseball and apple pie. As with any tool, firearms can be used for good or bad, depending on who holds the weapon. As long as good people can be armed, bad people can be held at bay.

The fact of the matter is, guns have always, are and will always be a part of the American way of life. That being the case, doesn't it make sense that everyone have the best possible understanding and knowledge of the proper use of guns?

I would like to ask the Loudon County Board Of Education to strongly consider offering gun safety courses in all Loudon County schools beginning in the 2016-2017 school year.

We currently have qualified SROs, School Resource Officers, working in every school. These men are highly trained, qualified sheriff's deputies with knowledge and background in all aspects of gun safety. These SRO officers could provide basic gun safety training to all children in the school system.

The training would be optional and any parent who wouldn't want their child to take the safety course could opt out. Students could be taught all about safe handling of all kinds of weapons. They could be taught about hand guns, rifles, shotguns, calibers, gauges, the difference between clips and magazines and so on and so on. What could possibly be the down side?

I come to the board of education not as a commissioner but as a parent and grand parent with the safety of all our children in mind. It's likely that many of these children would never have the opportunity to learn any gun safety anywhere else.

As Obama would say, if it would save the life of one child, it would all be worth it.       

Please give this matter your utmost consideration.

Thank You

Van Shaver