Gun On The Bus

A report of a child with a loaded hand gun on a school bus lead authorities to stop the bus Monday afternoon to search for the gun. Sheriff's deputies stopped the bus along it's route on Browder Hollow Road. A 10 year old Eaton Elementary student did in fact have what appeared as a gun in his backpack. However the gun turned out to be an Airsoft pistol.

Airsoft guns are highly detailed firearm replicas manufactured for recreational purposes. Airsoft guns propel non-metallic 6mm pellets at muzzle velocities ranging from 30 to 260 m/s (100 to 850 ft/s) by way of compressed gas or a spring-driven piston. 

No children on the bus were threatened. The child was turned over to his grandparent. The name of the child will not be released due to his age. The sheriff's department's investigation is ongoing.