Gun Free Zones
Enter At Your Own Risk

Gun-free zone” - the new politically-correct term for “shooting gallery”.

Often recognized but rarely discussed, gun-free-zones are dangerous. When well meaning but misguided individuals ban guns at one location or another, they are recklessly and negligently putting your life at risk. The shooting at Westroads Mall in Omaha joins a list of shootings with a common denominator. It is a long and tragic list:
  • Kansas City, MO - Two killed in the Ward Parkway Mall
  • Fort Gibson, Oklahoma - Seth Trickey shot 15 rounds into the Fort Gibson Middle School, injuring four.
  • Bailey, CO - A 53 year old man holds six high school girls hostage and sexually assaults them
  • San Diego, CA - Jason Hoffman injured two teachers and three students with a shotgun and a handgun
  • Littleton, CO - Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold massacre 13 people at Columbine High School
  • Red Lake, MN - Jeffrey Weise murdered seven people, including an unarmed security guard
  • Golita, CA - Jennifer San Marco shot and killed seven people in a post office
  • Salt Lake City, Utah - Sulejman Talović, five dead at the Trolley Street Mall
  • Blacksburg, VA - Seung-Hui Cho, killed 32 people at Virginia Tech

The common denominator is all these shootings took place in a gun free zone. The shooters made the safe assumption that their evil plans had a probability of succeeding because the majority, if not all of the law abiding citizens there, would be unarmed. They were sitting ducks. The shooter was guaranteed a target-rich environment with little chance of resistance. Bear in mind that every single mass shooting in the last 20 years has been in a “gun free zone.”

The emotional reaction of the gun haters after a mass shooting is that we must further tighten the gun laws. Even if this response makes some people feel good, reality tells us that it isn't the best answer. Expecting a deranged, suicidal individual to honor a law prohibiting guns is sheer utopian fantasy. Creating and publicizing a gun free zone will, in fact, increase the chances of more mass killings.

How many of us, no matter how much we might hate guns, would be willing to put a sign in our front yard stating, "We have no guns in our home"? Common sense tells us that this is an invitation to criminals. This same simple concept applies to schools, malls and other public places.

Some people will always have an unreasonable fear of weapons and a desire to impose their will on society. We must not let their phobia cloud our thinking. Exploiting our school children and putting them at risk to promote a misguided political agenda is a disaster in the making. Americans have been sacrificed on the altar of political correctness far too long.

Be very weary of anyone who would attempt to restrict or prohibit your constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Become a licensed gun carrier.

Where would you feel safer?


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