Gun Free Zone
Enter At Own Risk

New Signs Posted On All County Buildings

Those of us who believe in the constitution and particularly the second amendment, the right to own and bear arms, cringe when we see a sign on a building or a place of business that prohibits handguns on the premises. Those signs almost guarantee anyone who might have bad intentions that in this building they have nothing to fear. There is no one in the building who could stop them from carrying out their bad intentions. In fact all of the mass shootings that have taken place in the modern era have taken place in gun free zones. Hundreds have died because they were denied the right to defend themselves.

Well, our old pal Doyle Arp, who now apparently considers himself the owner of all county buildings, has taken it upon himself to declare all county buildings as gun free zones. Problem is, that's not his decision. The legislative body, county commission, is responsible for county buildings and they certainly have not voted on the matter. So once again, Arp feeling as though he is the king of the county, has over stepped his authority but what's new about that.

Except for those places declared gun free by state law, anyone responsible for prohibiting those licensed to carry a firearm to exercise their right to do so, becomes liable for any harm that might come to those persons.

If you read the notice, Arp doesn't stop with a handgun ban, He goes much further. He also feels that he has the right to peek into your pocketbooks, packages and briefcases and if he wants he can even give you a full body search. Arp has installed surveillance cameras in county buildings, installed a new phone system that tracks incoming and outgoing calls and now he wants the right to look through your personals. Arp has a serious problem. 

With all the angry and disgruntled people Arp has created, he should be the first one who would want to make sure that those around him could take action if necessary.