Grow Up

In every work place, there always seems to be those one or two people who just never achieved social maturity. They act like they're still in Jr. High. Politics is no different.

There are a number of enjoyable aspects of holding elected office. Working with constituents, having a voice in decisions that effect the county and just generally hoping to make positive changes in our community. But then there are those who just want to stir the poo pot.

It has recently come to my attention that a couple of these "adult" elected and appointed officials have been out telling things on me that aren't true. I think it's called lying? To be honest, over the years I've gotten pretty accustom to these kind of immature and childish antics and I really could care less what folks say especially when they're lying.

However, I will make this challenge to them. If you've got something to say, be man or woman enough to say it to my face. You can come to me or I'll come to you. I'll meet you any time, any place or any forum to discuss or debate your issues.

Some times these long time politicians develope an attitude of entitlement and perceived prestige and they get all shook up if they feel threatened in their authority or if they feel someone would dare challenge them. Sorry, that's what I do.

At this point, no names are necessary. They know who they are and what they've been saying and so do I.

So how bout this, grow up and get off the playground. Recess is over boys and girls.