Greenback rat terrier makes history at Westminster

Darice Ragan with Dinger

Linda Braden Albert
Blount County is the home to champions in all sports, and now another champion has made his way into the record books.

Dinger, a rat terrier co-owned by Darice Ragan, of Greenback, and Jeffrey Werner, of Florida, took home the trophy from the 138th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show last month, the first time the rat terrier breed has been allowed to be shown at the prestigious event.

Dinger hasnít let his fame go to his head, however. He still loves to give kisses to his humans and run and play with his grandfather, Bailey, also a champion rat terrier, and Envy, an American hairless terrier, who has won her share of honors, as well. The dogs live in Greenback at RaganRat Terrier Kennel, where Darice Ragan breeds the animals she fell in love with as a little girl growing up in Arkansas. Ratties had been a part of her family since the 1940s.

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