Greenback penalized for breaking practice rules
Greenback School's football program has forfeited six spring practice days and are allowed just two scrimmages this school year after violating the TSSAA's Practice Rule during the offseason.

The penalties were announced in a letter addressed to Greenback Principal Michael Casteel on July 23. The TSSAA forwarded the letter to the News Sentinel on Saturday.

According the letter, Greenback coaches were "delivering instructions to players on March 24," signaling the start of spring practice by TSSAA standards. The program then held its spring practice in May.

Greenback self-reported the violation.

"They were walking through plays," TSSAA executive director Bernard Childress said on Saturday. "Our rule says once you start spring practice, you have 10 days within 15 school days to complete spring practice. That one day, they did go out and do that, which is a practice, but it was well before their spring practice actually started."

The penalties, which were self-imposed, cut Greenback's allotted spring practice days from 10 to four during the 2015-16 school year. The Cherokees also are limited to two scrimmages.