Greenback gets possible national exposure

Betty Koerber said she was looking for two things to be done when she entered the Greenback Community Center Friday: to get a look at her taxes and to "come and talk to you all- do an interview, ham it up a little bit."

She's not talking about her interview with 10News, but with a producer for a possible commercial for H&R Block.

Dozens of residents in the Loudon County town will be getting a second look at their taxes. In return, some of those residents will be talking about what they saw.

"Our target is to do at least 300 second looks here, so we're looking into people in the Greenback area to come in and see us," said H&R Block's Deborah Belford.

If they reach that goal, H&R Block will contribute thousands of dollars to Greenback High School.

But reaching a lofty 300-person quota with more than 900 residents in the town is a little tough, according to mayor Tom Peeler.

"I've never heard of anything like this in the rest of the country. When they called me and told me what they had in mind, we've been passing (the news) it around the community," Peeler said.

Besides the possible money going to the residents and the school, Betty Koreber said she liked the idea of having that few minutes of fame.

For more information on how you can sign up for free tax services and wanting to possibly be interviewed for the commercial, call 865-856-1088. This will continue from November 15-17.

According to a press release, a production crew will tentatively start shooting around Greenback on November 20.

Advertising Campaign

for H&R Block looking for

residents of Greenback and the

surrounding areas!

H&R Block is looking for residents of Greenback and

the surrounding areas to participate in a very unique

ad campaign that features Greenback as its star.

Auditions will be held in Greenback on

Friday, Nov. 12th, Saturday, Nov. 13th, Monday Nov. 15th,

Tuesday Nov. 16th and Wednesday Nov. 17th.

Expenses of $50 will be paid to each taxpayer who attends

an audition and completes a 2nd look. H&R Block has offered to make a

$25,000 contribution to the Greenback High School if at least 300 Greenback

residents agree to participate in the entire project.

Filming will take place in the Greenback area between

November 20th and 23rd.

For more information or to schedule an

audition, please call 865-856-1088.