Greenback cheerleader asks boy with Down syndrome to homecoming

GREENBACK (WATE) Ė Itís homecoming season for lots of high schools in East Tennessee, but Greenback Highís homecoming game has caught the attention of lots of people after a boy with Down syndrome was asked to be part of the festivities by a cheerleader who was nominated for the homecoming court.

Trinity Bledsoe, a junior cheerleader at Greenback High, says the boy she asked to homecoming, Jason Summers, is a generous kind-hearted young man. She says he was the only person in mind when it came to being her escort. They connected last semester when Trinity was a peer tutor in one of his classes.

ďHeís really sweet and cares so much for everyone. I wanted to spend my special day with someone who would think it was special as I did,Ē said Trinity.

Jason had a big grin on his face all night. They didnít win, but Jasonís mother says theyíll always be winners in her eyes.

ďItís very emotional; I was really thrilled that someone would consider taking him. Itís showing inclusion and acceptance and just letting him be a part,Ē said Lisa Summers.

Even though Trinity isnít a peer tutor anymore, she says she still visits Jasonís classroom at least twice a week.