Greenback Band participating in Music and Art Showcase        

Larissa Krueger Greenback High School For The Daily Times 

The high school band is going to represent Greenback School in the Loudon County Music and Art Showcase in March.

There were seven students who auditioned to be representatives for the choir section of the show, and band director Stephen Wight is proud to say that all seven of the students were chosen to be a part of the choir.

The band and singers will be excused from school on the day of the showcase to experience the many opportunities the event offers.

Each student will get to perform in front of a large audience at Loudon High School, enjoy refreshments and get to know other musicians from the other performing schools.

Greenback High School’s musicians are working hard for their performance and are very excited to represent their school.

Students from grades kindergarten through 12 were honored Feb. 28 for completing the 21 Challenge.

As part of the school’s goal of reaching an average ACT score of 21 or higher, all students took on the challenge of completing a task having to do with the number 21. Kindergartners who could count to 21 were recognized; first graders who could read 21 words in a minute were recognized, and on and on until the high school was finally recognized.

Each student from high school that received a 21 or higher on the ACT or practice ACT was rewarded with a Greenback T-shirt with their name on the back.

It was a great day for the student body to come together and recognize and celebrate their hard work and success.