Greed Has No Limits

In 2006, retired banker Ed Bell, veterinarian Dr. Barry Gordon and realtor John Tuck joined forces in an attempt to bring liquor stores to Lenoir City and Loudon. They generated enough signatures on petitions to have the question placed on the November, 2006 ballot. Fortunately, both cities voted the measure down.

Well, they're at it again. In a slick press release from Akermann Public Relations, our three local liquor leaders announce that they are going to attempt to have another liquor referendum placed on the November ballot including Lenoir City and the entire county. This time they aren't going to waste time with the usual petition drive. They are doing direct mailings to city and county residents to get the required signatures to place the question on the ballot. There's no doubt they will get the required signatures just like they did in 2006 but there is no guarantee the referendum will pass. 

In 2006 our three local liquor leaders spent $24,000.00 and told a lot of lies in their failed attempt to bring liquor stores to our communities. You can bet they will be spending much more this time and rest assured they will be telling the same lies this time to get your support. The story will be all about "tax revenues" and how much they care about our community. We will hear endless stories how if we only had liquor stores, we would just be a washed with tax dollars. (The same lies we heard about liquor by the drink) What you will never hear from our three local liquor leaders is how much money they think they can make for themselves. They could care less about tax dollars or the community. All they care about is how much money they can stuff in their own pockets. These men will stop at nothing to get their hands on more money. Greed has no limits.