This story first ran back in July. But with the election just a day away, seems appropriate to give it another airing. Just a reminder of what motivates those who have worked so hard to bring liquor stores to our communities.

Greed And Spite

Ed Bell

When I'm wrong, I'll be the first to admit it. When I accused our local liquor leaders. Ed Bell, Barry Gordon and John Tuck of pushing the liquor store referendum purely for greedy reasons, I was wrong. Turns out they have another reason they want liquor stores. According to Mr. Bell, they want "the satisfaction of getting something done in this county that some people oppose." Don't take my word on it, watch the video yourself. 

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In a recent interview with WATE TV 6, head liquor leader Ed Bell clearly showed that it's not just the greed driving them, it's also spite. Spite for some people who "oppose" their lust to be the first liquor store owners in Loudon County. Obviously the three liquor leaders are still peeved that the voters defeated them in the 2006 election and they intend to strike back. They're going to show us this time who runs this county.

While Bell's statements clearly show their disgust for their embarrassing loss last time and their total commitment to get their liquor stores this time, I still say their main obsession and driving force is greed. Men like Ed Bell, Barry Gordon and John Tuck live, eat and sleep money. It's all they know. Greed puts them to bed at night and wakes them up in the morning. They feel they will live forever so they must have more and more money. What a sad life.

Bell and Tuck Plan Strategy