Grandmother steps through Lenoir City and speaks out about saving lives

A Washington grandmother is walking across the country to raise awareness about how you can take steps to help save a life.

Jeana Moore started her journey in Seattle Washington on October 19, 2009. Moore passed through Lenoir City on Sunday. She hopes to make it to New York City on January 27.

Along the way, Moore is encouraging people to sign up for the "Be The Match Registry," which matches people who need bone marrow transplants with donors.

Moore's granddaughter was born with leukemia and is now in remission after finding her one match, a man in Germany. "Every day that you're on the list waiting, you're watching your loved one, and you don't know if they'll live or die, depending on finding that match. So, I can't express in words how happy," said Moore.

Those wanting to register can visit "Be the Match's" website and fill out a form. The organization will send you a kit, you swab your cheek and then you mail it back.

For more information on Moore's cause visit her website.