Good Folks

The sad news is that I finally had to break down and get rid of my old blue work truck. It had served me well but it just couldn't do everything I needed to do anymore. The good news is that I bought a new Dodge Ram one ton truck. It can handle what ever I need to do including towing any of my farm equipment. It's a dandy. But this story isn't about trucks. It's about people.

I had been looking at new trucks for a while. So when I was ready to pull the trigger I headed down to Tilley Lane in Lenoir City. It's just a pleasure to do business with those folks. No hard sales, no pressure. Just nice people willing to help out and answer your questions.

Most of us are quick to complain and point out the bad. But sometimes it's necessary to showcase the good. To Ron Tilley, Noel Patterson, Stan Anthony and all the others at Tilley Lane, thanks for the great service. It's a pleasure doing business with good folks.