Golf Course Foreclosed

After literally raping the land and stripping all the vegetation away, seems the developers of the old Cedar Hills Golf Course may have gone way over par. According to a foreclosure notice in the News Herald, Cedar Hills Back 9 Inc. owners of at least a large part of the old golf course, have been foreclosed by Green Bank. According to the notice, Back 9 is in default on a loan of $1,076,000.00.

Also the 2008 property taxes of $9,685.00 are unpaid and there are several businesses who have liens on the property including LeMay And Associates, Richard LeMay and Farragut Ditching. Also a judgment in favor of Frontier Leasing Corp. against W & W Golf Management Inc. d/b/a Cedar Hills Golf Club and Daniel Walker individually could affect title to the property. 

So once again, developers have stuck it to us. They took a beautiful piece of property and destroyed it and left a mess for everyone else to deal with. The county has had to clean the mud from the road several times after big rains. What's scary is what's happens with the property now?  It sure can't be put back the way it was.