Get It Right

I wouldn't ordinarily do a story like this, at this time, but when someone is so wrong, on so many things, so many times, somebody has to correct the record.

One of the candidates for Lenoir City council is a fellow named Steuart Starr. He seems to have a real problem differentiating between Lenoir City and Loudon County governments. He makes some pretty wild, unsubstantiated accusations against both Lenoir City government and Loudon County government. 

He is an avid user of facebook to get his political message out. He posts daily statements or videos about his campaign and all he will do if elected. Occasionally, he makes a good point or even gets a fact right. But as they say, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while. Let me give examples.   

Mr. Starr's main thrust is to "end the good ol' boy system" so most of his messages run along those lines. In his discussion against nepotism, he makes this statement. He claims that Lenoir City mayor Tony Aikens, works for the Lenoir City Police Department so as the city mayor, that makes him his own boss. He also claims that newly elected Loudon County mayor, Buddy Bradshaw works for the Lenoir City Police Department. Of course he is totally wrong on both accounts. Bradshaw has never worked for LCPD and Aikens, as we all know, is chief deputy for Loudon County Sheriff's dept.

He states that Loudon County split one department into two to create more jobs for friends and relatives. Wrong again but I'm not sure what he thinks he could do about anything in county government as a city councilman.

While holding a News Herald in his hand, that he supposedly had read, he states, "An example of local political patronage is the appointment of Elizabeth Bradshaw the wife of newly elected County Mayor Buddy Bradshaw as the new Director of Customer Service at LCUB. From the LC News Herald. We need to hire city and county employees based on merit. Not who you know." I don't know how he could get this one wrong but he did. Ms. Bradshaw was hired by Loudon Utilities Board.

Here's a real doozy. Starr wrote on his fb page, LCTV Lenoir City Television, "I have a qustion. A local businessman told me that our new county mayor while a part time officer in Lenoir City claim to fame was burning down the animal shelter. I was also told that local Republicans dislike the new mayor (as opposed to Mayor Herron) so much they already are talking a recall election. Any of that true?" This one borders on slander and defamation. As stated above, Bradshaw has never worked for Lenoir City and the fire he refers to was a suspected arson with with a suspect but never enough evidence for an arrest But it sure wasn't Buddy Bradshaw. Maybe with a little legal action with folks under oath, we could find out who the mysterious, unnamed local businessman was. Also, there's no chance of  anybody calling for a recall election.

There are a number of other more minor incorrect claims but I think these make the point. I take no position on Mr. Starr's candidacy and don't oppose nor support him, just want to set the record straight just in case there's anyone out there that believes he knows what he's talking about. But why on earth would someone who hopes to serve in an elected capacity make so many crazy, dead wrong statements.

Don't know if Mr. Starr has a screw loose or if he's a nut or maybe a political genius but I would suggest if he's serious about wanting to get elected, he needs to do his do diligence and get his facts straight.

Oh and by the way, Mr. Starr strongly affiliates himself as a staunch democrat, giving his support to all the democrat candidates and is opposed to supporting the abortion amendment. "LCTV Lenoir City Television Well then please vote for Bob Scott for congress, Pam Weston or Joe Kneiser for TN House. Gordon Ball US Senate. And just say NO to the amendments. Leave the TN Constitution alone."

Surprisingly, This past August was the first time, since voting in Loudon County, he ever voted in a democrat primary. Yep, since he registered in 2008, when he voted, he voted in the Republican primary.