The Gauntlet

At a recent Lenoir City council meeting, councilmen learned they had received and voted to accept another down town streetscape grant. Some of the plans for the new streetscape money will go to cut the sidewalks back by two feet along Broadway, new decorative lighting and some cobble stone looking crosswalks.

I'm sure the downtown merchants appreciate the improvements and God bless the council for trying to spruce up down town but here's a thought. How about getting rid of some of the obstacles on the side walks. It's almost become a gauntlet just to get from one block to the other.

In one block alone, there are two street sign posts, two garbage cans, two park benches, three light posts two red light posts, four Crape Myrtle bushes, a couple of flower pots, a fire hydrant and of course one of Brookshire's mayor posts which by the way are deteriorating rapidly. That's a lot of stuff to dodge as you walk down the sidewalk. It's almost one lane now and if they cut off a couple of feet, it will be real tight.

Here's a thought, maybe as the council decides how to spend their newfound grant money, they might consider maybe removing some of the obstacles. for sure don't add any more.

Just a thought.