Gas no longer sold at Old Stage Weigel’s


Gasoline is no longer being sold at the Weigel’s 12640 Kingston Pike location.

In a Saturday, Sept. 14, interview, Doug Yawberry, vice president of operations at Weigel’s, said the fuel pumps and tanks were taken out about two to three weeks ago.

“That was not a store that we sold a lot of fuel out of,” he said. “We’ve kept the store piece open.”

The reason behind pulling the fuel tanks and pumps had nothing to do with environmental reasons or the age of the tanks, he said. “It’s an old store,” he said. “We’ve got a new store down the road that’s pretty much a state-of-the-art store compared to the rest of our facilities.”

He said there are no plans on having the Weigel’s at 12640 Kingston Pike sell gasoline in the near future. “We’ve got the new one up the street,” he said. “We wouldn’t put gasoline back in that one.”

“If we would rebuild or remodel, we would pull the tanks anyhow,” he said. “... We would put updated equipment [in]. ... If we would decide not to remodel there, if we would decide to either close or sell the property, we would pull tanks then also.”Yawberry addressed those who might have frequented the Weigel’s at 12640 Kingston Pike for gasoline before it stopped selling gas. “We would hope that they would go to our one that’s just down the road there,” he said. “It’s down by the Walgreens, just straight down Kingston Pike. We’ve got a new updated facility down there, and it’s a better experience for our customers.”

The state-of-the-art store near the Walgreens is located at 12001 Kingston Pike, he said.