Gaming at Greenback football players handle hard practices and the nervousness of game day the same way, with a little video game action.

New head coach Jason Hicks, who was the offensive coordinator last year, sees benefits in letting the team play Playstation.

"On Friday nights they get really competitive with it," said Hicks. "We like for them to relax before the games."

Hicks says sometimes the pre-game sessions can get pretty heated.

"There's been times we've had to go and separate them a little bit, but it's all in good fun," said Hicks.

Running back Jordan Anderson says sometimes things are more competitive in the locker room than on the field.

"If we're playing a good high school team we don't get into (Playstation) as much," said Anderson. "If we're playing one of the teams we don't really worry about, this game is usually more competitive."

While some may say playing video games before taking the field as a little unorthodox, Greenback was 10-2 last season and made the playoffs with the ritual of pre-game gaming. You can't argue with results.