Fruit Basket Turnover

County mayor, Doyle Arp's surprising and unexpected decision not to seek reelection seems to have opened the flood gates for new candidates in the upcoming election.

Loudon County Trustee, Estelle Herron, has withdrawn her petition to seek reelection to her office and has picked up a petition to run for county mayor in the republican primary. Also, new comer, Gregory Hackney, has picked up to run for mayor as a republican. Interestingly, even though Doyle Arp has announced his retirement, he hasn't officially withdrawn his petition.

Herron's move to the mayor's race has opened her trustee seat and several candidates have already picked up petitions to run for that office. Among those candidates are former county mayor, George Miller, county codes enforcement officer Billy Pickel and Michelle Tate Castle, daughter of school board member Leroy Tate.

With more than a month left to the deadline for candidates to file their petitions, there could still be a lot more candidates throwing their hats in the ring.

Now it's get'en good.