From Iraq

Wounded Warrior Project
Kevin Dishner, SPC, Currently Deployed to Iraq


Dear Friends and Family,


As you already know, I am currently deployed to Iraq. As a Soldier, we know how to work hard, but we also know how to play hard. That is why my unit is in the process of planning a Half Marathon that I am participating in here in Iraq in February. In order to complete this 13.1-mile race, Iím going to have to do a LOT of training, and Iím going to need just as much motivation to do it. Youíre probably wondering why in the world I would subject myself to this, as if being over 6,000 miles away from home and working long days wasnít already punishing enough. Thatís why Iím writing to you today.

My unit, F Troop, 1-230th Cavalry Regiment is using this event to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. If you are not familiar with the Wounded Warrior Project, their mission is to ďhonor and empower wounded warriorsĒ by ďraising awareness and enlisting the publicís aid for the needs of severely injured service men and women.Ē The Wounded Warrior Project helps these brave men and woman by providing them with assistance in areas from coping with their injuries mentally and physically to helping them find jobs. You can learn more about the organization by visiting their website at

Now that you have an idea why I am running this race, here is your opportunity to make a difference.  I have attached the training schedule that I will be using throughout the 15 weeks it will take to train up for the race. You can see that it will take a lot of running. Iím asking for your support to sponsor me by donating a certain amount per every mile that I run while training. My goal is to run 200 miles in those 15 weeks. So for example, if you decided to donate 10 cents for every mile I run, you would agree to donate $20 to the Wounded Warrior Project (200 miles x $.10 = $20). If you would like to pledge then email me at or donate directly on the Wounded Warrior Project website. Thank you in advance for considering promoting this extremely worthy cause.

I look forward to hearing from you and keeping you posted on my progress!   



Kevin Dishner, SPC, Iraq