Four Columns Better Than Two

It just keeps getting better or worse depending on how you look at it. After catching a lot of heat and being the butt of a lot of jokes, Doyle Arp had to take action to put a stop to the ridicule he had been getting about his marble columns. He was in a bit of a catch 22. If he takes his columns down he gave into the pressure. If he leaves them up, he continues to be the butt of the jokes. What a conundrum. But in his usual quick thinking and sharp ideas, he found the answer. Put up more columns.

With the support of the commission, Arp spent another $18,000.00 on the board of education's side of the county building for general sprucing up and best of all, a set of columns to adorn the entrance of the BOE offices. I am not making this up. Arp had a matching set of columns installed across the hall from his columns. In his mind this solves the problem of him looking ridiculous. Now that there are two sets of columns in the same hall, no one will make fun of him any more. Yeah, that worked. Another eighteen grand down the tubes.