Fort Arp

What started out as rearranging some furniture has now bloomed into a full blown remodeling of the county office building to the tune of $171,000.00 so far. From the time Arp took over the building many things have changed. The side entrance is no longer accessible to the public and can only be entered if one has the secret password/number. According to signs on the door, there is now video surveillance in the building. Arp plans to move his office to the front of the hall and restrict access to the rest of the office without first gaining clearance through his office. The jewel in the crown would be a new conference room. Never mind that there is already a large conference room in the building or that a large conference room was built into the new health department next door for use by the commission any time they need it or that there is the commission meeting room at the annex. Absolutely, another conference room is needed.

In Arp's absence, purchasing director Leo Bradshaw, presented the plans for the renovations/additions at the last county commission workshop. Also discussed was a potential 1.8 mil. third floor addition to the annex building.

Apparently the county must be sitting on a pot of gold. This may explain all of Arp's new security measures installed at the county office building.