Ford Road Next?

Intersection improvements dependent on weather

Brittany Davenport News Herald

The long-awaited completion of the Shaw Ferry Road project is closer to reality.

The utility relocations, installation of curb along the west side of Highway 11 and the installation of drainage structures are all complete, said Tennessee Department of Transportation Project Manager John Barrett.

The next step in the project is the paving of the west side of Highway 11, to be completed once weather permits. After the base layer of asphalt has been applied, traffic will be shifted to that side of Highway 11 in order for the contractor to work on the east side of the highway, Barrett said.

State Representative Jimmy Matlock said the project is dependent on the weather's cooperation. "I think we have to be above 42 degrees for the asphalt sealant to adhere properly," Matlock said.

Based on the current schedule, Barrett said he anticipates completion of the project this Spring. "I think people are going to be pleased," Matlock said.

The next road project on Matlock and Representative Randy McNally's agenda is Ford Road at Highway 11. "There's an equal issue there," Matlock said. McNally and he have requested TDOT make it into a full traffic light. TDOT agreed to do a study on the traffic count, he said. "It ought to be a stop light likewise," he said.

The next major state project along with the bridge over Fort Loudoun Dam will take place a Dixie Lee Junction, Matlock said. "It's in the final stages of its drawings and engineering," he said of the junction.

Matlock said the bridge project will soon show evidence of construction.