For The Record

A sharp eyed reader sent me a note correcting a statement in a recent article.

In the WVLT story about the teaching of Islam in out schools the teacher in the interview is quoted as saying,

"Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity will also come up in the classroom, but according to McNish, for this seventh grade curriculum, Islam comes first chronologically."

Chronologically speaking, Islam does not come first. Muhammad began preaching Islam around 610 AD. This puts Islam at around 1400 years old, making it one of the world's younger religions.  

Now it's entirely possible that the teacher was misquoted in the media, or she may have been referring to when each topic comes up in the text book.

Regardless, to correct the record, Buddhism is now 2,500 years old, no one is sure but Hinduism is probably five to ten thousand years old in some form, and Christianity has been around for a little more than 2000 years.