Five-year-old child badly injured in lawnmower accident

A five-year-old child is recovering in the hospital Monday after slipping in front of his uncle's lawnmower. The accident happened just after noon at a home on West First Street in Lenoir City. Police say the child was spending the day with his aunt and uncle, who were mowing a lawn for friends. The child pulled away from his aunt, and took off, running across the lawn, where he fell in front of the mower.Hiw uncle was unable to stop the mower before the boy's foot was badly injured. He was taken to UT Medical Center, but has been transferred to Children's Hospital, where he is in stable condition.No charges are expected to be filed.According to the University of Michigan, nearly 75,000 Americans are seriously injured in lawn mower accidents each year. About 10,000 of those injuries involve children.