Fire at Tate and Lyle facility in Loudon
Greg Wilkerson News Herald

A fire at the Tate and Lyle facility in Loudon was quickly contained, creating only minimal damage Monday, according to a spokesperson for the company, Chris Olsen.

The incident was the second fire at the business this year. In March the company reported  fire in a piece of equipment, which was also resolved quickly "There was another incident earlier this year," Olsen said. "This situation is totally unrelated to the incident a few months ago." There were no injuries in either case. "We're still investigating hat the cause was. We know we had an incident involving a fire that was in some equipment used in the production process," Olsen said.

Because of the company's internal safety procedure and the quick response time of the Loudon fire Department, Olsen said the incident was resolved quickly. "We have a strong emphasis on safety and we take it very seriously and we'll be doing a thorough investigation to minimize the possibility of a reoccurrence," he said.