Finance Meeting

The biggest question facing the commission and the school board pertaining to the current building plan is, how much can the county afford to borrow without increasing property taxes.

Commissioner Austin Shaver has presented a finance plan that could borrow 32 to 41 million dollars depending on the interest rate at the time a loan is taken. Shaver's plan also calls for a thirty loan. Commissioner Don Miller has presented a financial plan that would provide 20 million dollars for the building plan. Miller proposes a 20 year loan.

For months, county Mayor Doyle Arp has told commissioners, school board members and the public alike that he has the "real" numbers and all anybody need do contact him and he can tell everybody how much money is available. However Arp has so far refused to give anybody any numbers.

This Wednesday, Ron Woody with CTAS, County Technical Advisory Service, is scheduled to present to commissioners, school board members and the public, a report on the current county financial situation and what the county can afford to borrow. Mr. Woody could finally end the debate on financing the building program if he is going to stick with the facts. Or he could just create more confusion if he is coming to present someone's political agenda.

The meeting will be at the Court House Annex this Wednesday, 2/3/10, at 6:00. All commissioners, board members and the public are invited and encouraged to attend.