The Final Report

I guess you could say the fat lady has sung. Or in this case Johnson has spoken. In reference to District Attorney Russell Johnson's  report on the Loudon County Board of Education's purchase of 2.2 million dollars of land on Hwy 321 in Lenoir City.

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Johnson seems to feel that an investigation into how the tax payers on Loudon County got fleeced for nearly a million dollars warrants no investigation. Rather Johnson feels that an investigation of the Hwy. 321 land purchase would be no more than a waste of time or a "proverbial witch hunt or wild goose chase."  Rather, Johnson seems to see the matter as some kind of a politically motivated issue, none of the facts withstanding.

Johnson maintains that “if some board member or other person has actual evidence of criminal wrongdoing, then I will be glad to review this information." Under Johnson's proposed procedures most all crimes would go uninvestigated. Let's say if you found a dead guy in your yard but no one had "actual evidence of criminal wrongdoing" than there would be no need for an investigation. Case closed. Of course back in August, Johnson did open an investigation into whether a Roane County political candidate went to the bathroom too many times on election day. It's all about priorities.

For what ever reason, Johnson was unwilling to look at the land deal. In his report, Johnson makes mention of “Perfect hindsight" which makes no sense at all. There were a number of people who questioned the deal almost from the day it took place. Don't think that's hind sight.

Then right on queue, enter the News Herald. The NH editorial staff comes out in support of  no investigation sighting the cost to the tax payers. How does it cost the tax payers to have an investigation? 

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Apparently to almost everyone except DA Johnson and the News Herald, there are some big questions how such a financial diabolical could have taken place. But I guess you can't question the professionals.

For my part, I have done as I promised while I was campaigning for a position on the school board. The number one question I was faced with from voters was "what about that 321 land deal." My answer, I don't know but I will do all I can to find out. I've done all I can.