Facebook Etiquette

I know I'm going to get beat up for this one but somebody's got to say it.

I haven't felt the need yet to dive into the facebook stream. I do however visit my wife's account from time to time. Facebook is an outstanding communication  media. You can keep up with your friends and family on an almost minute by minute basis. It's especially great when you have family or friends who live far away that you rarely get to see. Facebook almost makes it like you can see each other all the time and keep up with what's going on. Grandbaby pictures, that's the best.

Social media like facebook is so new and evolving all the time and with any new technology, it takes a little time to develop the social graces for that technology. In the early days of the telephone, users had to learn that you had to be careful what you said on the phone cause you never knew who might be listening. Same with facebook.

We all know if something is private, don't post it on facebook. If you do, it's not private anymore. Don't go on there and announce you're going on vacation. You've just told the whole world, no one will be home, come get what you want. And never post personal information about yourself or your family. Crooks have figured out how to take the smallest information and use it against you in many ways. These are a few of the bigger no's no's that probably everybody knows. But there are some others.

You have all your "friends" on your account. That allows you to follow the activities they post on their account. Most of that information is good to know and helps you keep up with what the Jones are doing. But when posting, some friends don't seem to know when to stop.

For instance, Mom posted: little Mary woke sick this morning. See, now that's good info to have. We love little Mary and really hope she get's to feeling better. Unfortunately, Mom couldn't stop there. Mom goes on to post, little Mary puked all over the floor, the walls, the cat, the dog, the couch and right in the middle of the bed. Now see, that's was just way too much information. We love Mom and little Mary, but the next time we visit their house, all we're going to be doing is looking to see if you got up all the puke.

Here's another. Jim posts: I'm watching the big game, Go Vols, Go Vols, Go Vols. That's great, we're fans too and can root for the team with Jim. But Jim goes on, I ate some bad shrimp last night and I've had the runs all day. Did Jim really have to tell us that? Did we really want to know that?

Another unnecessary. Bill posts: I was running the chainsaw today and slipped and cut my leg. We love Bill and are concerned about his health and glad he let us know about his injury. We hope Bill gets better soon. Unfortunately, Bill felt it necessary to share a close up picture of the gaping wound before, during and after the emergency room stitches.

While we're on it, pictures of nearly any body parts aren't necessary, especially, damaged, bent, broke, abraised, sliced, burnt, deformed, gouged or any abnormal birth marks.

Words and phrases. Why do some feel it necessary to write words on their posts that they would never use in a normal conversation. Then there's the way over use of some words. Enough with, awesome,  wonderful, amazing and precious.

Come on. How many illnesses can one person have. Nobody could be sick as much as some people are and still be alive. The picture of little Teddy with his finger up his nose, it wasn't really "so cute." And the follow up picture with him eating the booger, that wasn't "even cuter."

And maybe the most disturbing trend are the close up head shot pictures. Ladies, we all know beauty is only skin deep and true beauty comes from the heart, but unless you've been designated a super model, maybe less of a close up would be a better idea for your profile picture. Guys, just because your momma or wife or girlfriend told you you were a hunk, it may not be the truth. Probably, no guys should ever put out a close up face picture. Least ways, I haven't seen any on there that did, that should have. Even worse than posting that close up head shot is to post a new one every two or three days. We know what you look like.

I guess it's kind of like my web site and the people who don't like it. If I'm bothered by friends posts, I don't have to read them.

I should stop now. I've probably said too much already.