The Loudon County School System has been informed that we have received one of the Tennessee Department Of Education's highest awards.

Loudon County Schools have been awarded Exemplary status for the 2011-12 school year by raising levels of student performance and significantly closing achievement gaps between groups of students. This award is presented to Tennessee school districts that have made the most progress under our new accountability system.

We have also learned the Loudon County School system's TCAP scores for 2011-2012 have gone up markedly.

School board members cannot take direct credit for such wonderful academic improvements. The credit goes to the outstanding educators and administrators in the school system. School board members can take credit for making decisions to hire highly qualified, capable educators and administrators.

High academic achievement system wide, TCAP scores up, Eaton Elementary ranked third in the state for academic achievement, operating budget reduced, two new schools under construction, another expanding. It would be hard to argue that the Loudon County School system wasn't on the right track.

My opponent in the upcoming school board race, Jeremy Buckles, has for his campaign slogan that he wants to bring a "new vision and new ideas" to the school board. It makes no sense to change course when you're on the right track.

I would appreciate your vote and support in the August 2nd school board election.

Re-elect Van Shaver to the Loudon County School Board seat "B"

Thank you