Employee Of The Month

What's the best way not to get the employee of the month parking space? Try breaking into your employer's business. That's apparently what happened in the wee hours of the morning Saturday. Eighteen year old Steven Michal Clarkson who stated after his arrest that he was an employee at the Dairy Queen, attempted to take his own bonus.

While on routine patrol, Lenoir City Police officer Jeremy Dishner, heard unusual pounding noises coming from the Dairy Queen. Dishner realized that a burglary was in progress. Other members of the LCPD were quickly on scene to assist with the arrest and make sure Clarkson didn't get away. The would be thief  had broken into the business through an attic access from the roof. Dishner ordered The burger burglar to exit the building back through the attic. While exiting, the building, Clarkson stashed the cash he had taken from the register in the attic but officers found the loot.

Clarkson was hauled to the pokey and charged with burglary and theft.

Incidentally, less than 24 hours later, LCPD arrested two juveniles in the progress breaking into Hardees. Two burglary in less than one day. Not too shabby.

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