Election Results

Check back Tuesday night after 8:00 pm for election results.

The lines have been long all day at all the polls. Anyone in line at the 8:00 closing time will be allowed to vote. This could delay the final results till all polls are closed and reported in.

I'll have them posted here as soon as I get them. You may need to refresh the page to see updates.

The links below are from the Loudon County Election Commission unofficial results. The first one is the cumulative report the second one is precinct by precinct report, 105 pages.

Cumulative Report - Presidential Preference Primary

Precinct Report - Presidential Preference Primary (105 pages)

Property Assessor

Larry Brown 2728
Mike Campbell 5257

General Sessions Judge Division II

Henry "Hank" Sledge 6693


Ben Carson 672
Ted Cruz 2197
John Kasich 780
Marco Rubio 2309
Donald Trump 4198

Hillary Clinton 1,026
Bernie Sanders 638