Election Results

Check in Tuesday night for election results. I'll have the numbers up as soon as possible after polls close at 8:00 pm.

I'm only including the contested, local races.

You may need to refresh your browser to see latest results.

Hillary Clinton 4,916
Donald Trump 17,588

Lenoir City Council
Vote For Any Three
Bobby Gene Johnson 1,404
Monty Ross 1,133
Steven D Shoemaker 871
Eddie Simpson 1,628
 Harry Wampler 1,292

United States House Of Representatives 2nd Congressional District*

John J Duncan Jr. (R) 18,675
Stuart Starr (D) 3,919

Tennessee House Of Representatives 21st District*

Jimmy Matlock (R) 12,967
Pamela "Pam" Weston (D)

  William James Vandever (I)

Tennessee House Of Representatives 32nd District*

Kent D Calfee (R) 4,162
Corey B Stafford (D) 897
Tyler Overstreet (I) 1,136

*Loudon County Results Only