Election Report

With only two contested races in last Thursday's election, there's not really a lot to report.

Lenoir City has a new judge in Robin McNabb. Ms. McNabb came out on top by 16 votes over Walter Johnson with Porsche Shantz finishing a distant third.

Incumbent 5th district school board member, Gary Ubben, held off challenger Robert Dishner toping him by 126 votes.

Both races were relatively close but the sad part is just how few people bothered to vote.

Loudon County has nearly 33,000 registered voters only 2,318 bothered to go to the polls. That's just about 7% voter turnout. That's pitiful.

Lenoir City has around 4,000 registered voters. Only about 565 voted. The 5th district has around 7,160. Just around 675 voters went to the polls.

As is too often the case, the small minority chose for the majority.

Below are links to the Loudon County Election Commission web site to the overall report and the precinct report.

Overall Report

Precinct Report