Election Points

Another election has come and gone. Some big changes and some no change.

A real point to be proud of is that Donald Trump carried Loudon County by a vote of 17,588 over Hillary's 4,916. I guess we can assume that Loudon County just has 4,916 committed liberal democrats. That's got to be a good thing.

The Lenoir City council race was the only local contested election but in the end, no changes. All incumbents, including recently deceased councilman Harry Wampler, won their seats back. Challenger Monte Ross came in forth in the three seat contest with Steve Shoemaker coming in last.

With the re-election of Mr. Wampler, one of the first tasks the new council will take is to fill his empty seat. There has been some talk that maybe the council should appoint Ms. Ross since she came in fourth. But the counter argument is that Ms. Ross lost so why would the council appoint her if the voters didn't pick her.

Historically, when a councilman has passed away while in office, a family member has been appointed to fill the term. There are lots of rumors as to who that replacement might be but we won't know till the council makes their choice. Who ever get's the appointment, it will just be for two years till the next city election.

21st District State Representative, Jimmy Matlock, won another impressive victory against his democrat challenger. In the two county race, Matlock received 21,061 votes to Ms. Weston's paltry 5,441. This was Ms. Weston's second run against Matlock with the same results.

32nd District State Representative, Kent Calfee easily defeated his independent challenger, Tyler Overstreet 15,613 to 5,829. Congressman, Jimmy Duncan swatted his Lenoir City challenger, Stewart Starr 212,313 to 68,373.

And by the way, Loudon County did set a new voting record with 23,835 votes cast.

The links below are the unofficial results from the Loudon County Election Commission.

Loudon Cumulative Report      

Loudon County Precinct Report