November Election Information

Looks like the city elections are going to be pretty busy in November.

In Greenback, incumbent mayor Tom Peeler is running unopposed but the council/alderman race is a different matter. Greenback has four council/alderman seats. Like the other city elections the council races are at large.  This means the top four vote getters win the seats. All four incumbents are running for re-election. They are Delmar Davis, Dewayne Burchfield, Becky Andrews and Polly Evans. Two more candidates have also qualified to run for the seats. Linda Black and Robin Blankenship. So there will be six names on the ballot but voters will only be able to vote four. Top four win.

The Loudon City races may be the hottest show in this election. Current mayor, Judy Keller, chose not to run for re-election. Three candidates have qualified to seek the mayor's seat. Current city councilman, Mike Cartwright is seeking the mayor's office. It's kind of a do or die for Cartwright. Since he could run for only one office, if he is unsuccessful in the mayor's race, he'll be out of city office all together. Also on the ticket for mayor are Jim Greenway and Jeffery Walters.

The Loudon City council race will also see lots of candidates. All four council seats will be on the ballot and except for Cartwright, all the other incumbents are running for re-election. Incumbents include Judy Sampson Jones, Lynn Millsaps and Jimmy Parks. Five other candidates have also qualified to run for a seat on the council. Those include Jeff Harris, John D James, Timothy G Kittle, Lois Snow and Dennis Stewart.

So for sure, Loudon will have a new mayor and at least one new council member, possibly more. As stated before, the top four vote getters in the council race will be the winners.

In Lenoir City, the race isn't quit as crowded but there will be competition for the three council seats on the ballot. All three incumbents are seeking re-election. Those include, Mike Henline, Buddy Hines and Jim Shields. Also running for the three seats are challengers David Cole, Steve Shoemaker and Stuart Starr. Just like the other city elections, top three vote getters win.

Both Lenoir City school board incumbents are running unopposed. Those are Bobby Johnson, Sr. and Jim Mc Carroll.

One thing for sure, we should see some hot races in November.

When we get a little closer to early voting, I post a page with all the election information you'll need.

City Name/Position Name Date Issued  Date Returned
Mayor Tom Peeler 6/13/2014 8/18/2014
Alderman (4) Becky Andrews 6/16/2014 8/5/5014
  Walter Birchfield 5/12/2014 8/5/2014
  Linda Black 6/26/2014 7/18/2014
  Robin Blankenship 7/17/2014 8/18/2014
  Delmar Davis 5/23/2014 7/29/2014
  Polly Evans 7/18/2014 8/18/2014
Lenoir City
City Councilman (3)      
  David Cole 6/9/2014 8/13/2014
  Mike Henline 5/23/2014 6/27/2014
  Buddy Hines 5/30/2014 7/1/2014
  Jim Shields 5/23/2014 5/27/2014
  Steve Shoemaker 5/23/2014 6/2/2014
  Stuart Starr 6/19/2014 8/18/2014
City School Board (2)      
  Bobby Johnson, Sr. 5/23/2014 7/3/2014
  Jim Mc Carroll 5/23/2014 6/2/2014
  Mike Cartwright 5/29/2014 6/12/2014
  Jimmy Greenway 6/4/2014 6/19/2014
  Jeffery Walters 6/3/2014 6/30/2014
City Council (4) Jeff Harris 6/27/2014 7/21/2014
  John D. James 6/3/2014 7/16/2014
  Judy Jones 5/27/2014 6/3/2014
  Timothy G Kittle 6/18/2014 8/18/2014
  Lynn Millsaps 5/27/2014 6/17/2014
  James P. Parks 6/4/2014 8/18/2014
  Lois Snow 6/15/2014 8/20/2014
  Dennis Stewart 5/27/2014 6/9/2014