Election Details

This will be the short version for tonight.

Looks like all the amendments passed statewide with enough votes to meet the 50% plus 1 to become law.

Loudon had the hottest local race. Loudon will have a new mayor with Jim Greenway. Only one incumbent survived the election. Lynn Milsaps won his seat back. There will be three new councilmen/woman. Jeff Harris and Johnny James both won seats but there is a tie for the third seat. Lois Snow and Dennis Stewart. The last time Loudon had a tie race they held a runoff. Don't know yet what they will do this time. Stay tuned.

All three Lenoir City incumbents were re-elected.

The big election news in LC was the overwhelming defeat of the proposed charter change that would have allowed the council to take over the Treasurer/Recorder office. For the third time in three elections, city voters turned that idea down by a margin of 62%-37%. Maybe the elected officials will finally give up on this idea.

Greenback will have one new alderperson. Linda Black won a seat at the table. Mayor Tom Pealer won re-election beginning his 40th year in office.

The wine referendum passed in both Lenoir City and Loudon.

Jimmy Matlock and Kent Calfe both won big.

I do a better update on the election results in a day or two.