Election 2010

Believe it or not, it's less than a year till the first of the 2010 elections. May 4th, 2010 will be the county primary, then August 5th will be the county general and state primary, then November 2nd will be the state general election.

The May 4th county primary will be a big one with more than twenty county seats up for election. All ten county commissioner's seats will be on the ballot along with four school board members. The County Court clerk, Trustee and Register of deeds, General Sessions Clerk, the sheriff and the one that interest me the most, the county mayor slots will also be on the ballot. If General  Session's Judge, William Russell retires as he has stated he will, his vacated seat will also be up for grabs. No doubt, this election will be the one that could impact Loudon county the most.

The August election will host the winners of the May county primary and will also be the state primary which will include governor, state representatives and odd numbered district state senators.

The November general election will be the culmination of the years elections with the state races, a Lenoir City election of three councilmen and the mayor and for the first time, I think, the Loudon City elections will also be held in November.

So, get ready Loudon County voters, elections are coming.