Election 08

Surely everyone knows by now that next year is an election year for a new president. But does everyone realize that there are a couple of very important local elections?

The presidential primaries will be held in early February 2008, less than five months from now. Two county elections will also be on the ballot at the same time. The office of Loudon County Property Tax Assessor and one of the second district (Lenoir City) county commission seats, seat "B", will be on the ballot. The County Property Tax Assessor election is always in conjunction with the presidential primaries but the second district county commission seat election will be unique to this year's election.

In 2006, second district county commissioner, Chuck Jenkins, was appointed to fill the position of Property Assessor after Doyle Arp was installed as County Mayor. Jenkins appointment to assessor created a vacancy on county commission that was filled by an appointment by the county commission of Shirley Reno to fill the commission seat vacated by Jenkins. Under the law Reno's appointment was only till the next county general election.

The first day to pick up petitions to run for the upcoming election was Friday 9/15/07. At the end of the day Friday, four potential candidates had picked petitions to seek these offices.

Picking up petitions to run for Loudon County Property Tax Assessor were current assessor, Chuck Jenkins and county purchasing agent, Leo Bradshaw.

Picking up petitions for second district (Lenoir City) county commission seat "B", were Loudon County Board Of Education member, Larry Proaps and Austin Shaver.

Persons do not become candidates till they return their petitions with the required 25 signatures. The last date to return petitions to qualify for the election is December 13th by 12:00 noon.

More to come later.