EF-1 tornado causes damage to Greenback neighborhood


By MIKE KRAFCIK-6 News Reporter

GREENBACK (WATE) - A tornado hit parts of Loudon and Blount counties Wednesday night. The National Weather Service survey team says it was an EF-1 tornado with 85 mph winds.  

One neighborhood just outside Greenback had downed trees, heavy winds and hail.  

"A lot of trees down here in the road, power lines down. It's just another good storm for us," said Greenback Fire Chief Ronnie Lett.  

High winds ripped down trees and power lines in the Evergreen Farms subdivision and on Maple Drive.

"A lot of heavy wind. It rained so hard you couldn't even see straight. Everything was really heavy really quick and a lot of hail. I actually thought the hail was going to beat the windows out of the house," said Michael Rains, a Maple Drive resident.

On Thursday, power company crews and the county road department spent the day cleaning up debris on Maple Drive left from the storm.

The high winds nearly caused Michael Rains' garage to collapse. He and his friends helped to built a wooden stabilizing frame to prop it up.

"The roof is moved over on the top of it, probably about two feet to one side. and if it picked up the roof up like it started to, it probably would of torn the house up, too," Rains said.

Officials say there were no injuries reported in the Greenback area, but trees that were taken down by the storm caused problems for many.

Pam Evans spent the day cleaning up trees that blocked the driveway of her relative's home. "Somebody professional will have to come in and do this tree," she said. "It's just too big for what we can do."  

Images of last year's EF-3 tornado that hit Greenback are still fresh in the minds of many residents. Wednesday night's storm wasn't as destructive.  

"Just glad nobody got hurt," Rains said. "You can fix a building, but you can't put a life back in somebody."

"I think we dogged a bullet last night," Chief Lett said. "I really do."