Dumb Luck?

On Friday, Tim Russell, school board member Lisa Russell's husband, suffered a pretty bad heart attack. Tim was air lifted to Parkwest Hospital where he received several life saving emergency procedures. Tim is now doing better but will need some time for recovery. We should remember the Russell's in our thoughts and prayers.

There's still more to this story.

Tim is a self employed contractor. Friday he was working at a home in Rarity Bay doing some landscaping when he felt something bad coming on. With a past minor heart issue, he knew immediately something was wrong, very wrong. The owners of the home where he was working were gone. Due to the fact that Greenback school was closed, big Tim had taken his ten year old son, Timmy, with him to work for the day.

As Tim's condition rapidly declined he knew he didn't have much time to find help. He and Timmy got in their truck and drove a short distance to another home where he had done some work in the past. He knew the owner was a first responder. By the time Tim and Timmy got to the other home, Tim was just about to pass out but told little Timmy to run to the door. The owner was home and immediately began to render aid to Tim. 911 was called and ultimately Tim was air lifted to the hospital.

Everything had to have worked just as it did or the outcome could have been far different. If school had been in session, Timmy would have been in school and dad might not have made it out of the driveway. If the home owners had not been home, again things could have been different. If the home owner had not been a first responder with knowledge of what to do, things could have been different.  Little Timmy kept his cool and did just as his dad told him or things could have been different. 

Dumb luck or divine intervention? Some might call it dumb luck. Not me.