Stand With Phil

I've mentioned before that I was a late comer to the Duck Dynasty show, but I've been a big fan for the last year. So, of course I've been following the controversy around Phil Robertson's comments on homosexuality. Mr. Robertson gave a pretty clear statement on how he feels about homosexuality and quoted Biblical scripture to support his position. He also gave a very simple description of sex between two men. Apparently, his words have offended the "gay community." Well, I've got some words for the "gay community."

Excuse my language but and for lack of any other word that describes my feelings, PISS on the "gay community." I'm so sick and tired of this tiny minority dictating to the world how we will think and talk. Why is it we, heterosexuals, can't be opposed to homosexuality and voice our opposition openly without being attacked?  Many folks are concerned when the "gay community" is offended by someone's opinion, but few seem concerned when we are offended by the "gay community's" opinions. What about tolerance, open mindedness? Seems the "gay community" are the most closed minded, intolerant community there is.

I could care less if a man or woman wants/needs/can't help but be gay. That's their right, too. Be all the gay you want to be. Just don't tell me I have to bend over for the "gay community." They're estimated at what, two percent of the US population? So we're all supposed to just lay down for them? I think not.

I watch a lot of news and ever since the Robertson controversy erupted, there have been all these gay men on TV talking about, oh how hurtful those kind of words are to them. Well, big whoop. My daddy used to tell me, "son, if you're going to be stupid, you better be tough." I guess the same could apply to the "gay community." If you're going to be gay, you better be tough.

I'm sorry, but I've just had it with all this politically correct stuff. The last time we had a society where people were afraid or forbidden to speak their minds or stand for their beliefs, it took the second World War to put an end to it.

I'll take it no more. I will speak my mind when I want. I'll be tolerant or intolerant of any "community" I want. I may even be prejudiced against some "communities" if I want.

Honestly, I hope the Duck Dynasty folks walk away from the A&E network. Except for DD, every other show on that station is basically trash. I always hated to see the commercials for their other shows while I watched DD. 

You may remember that I had my own run in with the "gay community" a year or so ago. I know well just how vicious they are. Gay-Lesbian Advocates And Defenders ("GLAAD") and Gay Lesbian Bi-sexual Transgender ("GLBT") are the two main organizations that promote homosexuality. And I'm suppose to respect such organizations? I think not.

Phil Robertson did not condemn homosexuals, the Bible did. Take it up with the author.