DA: Lenoir City drug house closed by authorities

LENOIR CITY, Tenn. (WATE) - The Loudon County District Attorney's Office announced the closure of a known drug house in Lenoir City on Thursday.

Loudon County District Attorney Russell Johnson held a press conference with members of local law enforcement to discuss their closure of house, located at 527 West 2nd Avenue. 

A petition for abatement of nuisance was authorized by a circuit court clerk because of the vast amount of illegal activity taking place at the residence, Johnson said. A law enforcement official described the house as a site for drug trafficking, prostitution, possession of drugs and paraphernalia, domestic violence, outstanding warrants and at least two stabbings.

Officers also said they found occupants stealing power from a house that was under construction a few doors down. An extension cord was found running between the two houses.

The district attorney said Marcus Rogers owns the property, according to the Loudon County Register of Deeds Office. Lenoir City police interviewed a person of interest who said Rogers sold drugs, including methamphetamine from the residence and that he was present during several overdoses in the residence. 

No arrests have been made at this time