Don't Vote

Now there's a statement that I bet no one would have ever thought I would make. And to be honest, I didn't think I would ever say such a thing either. But in this case, I'm onboard. Let me explain.

Because of the language in the state constitution, for a constitutional amendment to be passed the number of yes votes must be greater than one-half the number of votes cast for governor.

What that means is the fewer votes cast in the governor's election the lower the threshold will be to pass an amendment. So is we want to take the most advantage of the political system that's in place, if we don't vote in the governor's race the better the chances there will be to pass the anti abortion amendment.

After all, the governor's race is not in doubt and Bill Haslem will win regardless, why not take the opportunity to help pass Amendment 1.

Don't Vote In The Governor's Race
Vote Yes On 1