Doyle's Doggy Deal Passes, Barely

With two commissioners absent from Mayor Arp's special called meeting to vote on taking on Blount County's animals, the vote passed by one. The mayor needed six votes and that's all he got. With a short explanation on the resolution from the mayor, a motion was made by Commissioner Miller and a second by  Commissioner Franke, the floor was then open for discussion. Commissioner Wayne Gardin and commissioner Earlena Maples both raised concerns with the plan to take on the Blount County animals. Both voted no on the resolution. Franke and Miller both spoke in favor of the resolution and voted in favor. The final vote was six for and two against. The agreement goes into effect March 1st and will continue through June 30th with the commission to revisit the matter in May for possible extension of the agreement. Click here for resolution. (PDF) Blount County officials predict that it will be two years before they are able to assume their own animal control services.

Video Clips:

Roy Bledsoe
Pat Hunter
Doyle Arp
Wayne Gardin 1
Wayne Gardin 2
Bob Franke
Don Miller
Earlena Maples
Gardin & Arp story