Disclaimer probably isn't the right title. Maybe clarification would be more appropriate.

For far too long, Loudon County had no source of local news and information pertaining to the true goings on in our local government. All we had was the Newsless Herald and all we got from them was most always one side of the story and that was most always local government's side. Well, no more.

Loudon County now has a number of local news and information outlets. Some might call it alternative media. I would call it, the only alternative, in Loudon County. TOPIX Lenoir City. TOPIX Loudon County, The Hunter Report, Talk Back and Loudon County School Solutions.

The reason for this article is to clear up any confusion about these sites. Hardly a day goes by that I am not approached several times about something that was written on one of these web sites. Mostly folks talking about something they read but sometimes someone upset about something they read. I have had to say it over and over. Those are not my sites. I do not control their content nor do I always even agree with everything I read on the other sites. But I strongly support their sites and am glad to include them on my site.

Let me give you a recent example. Last Thursday, I ran into District Attorney, Russ Johnson at the school board meeting. I was hoping to ask him a technical question about a matter I thought he could give me some guidance on. The question and answer were quickly brushed off and Johnson stated "we need to talk." I quickly found out what he wanted to talk about was what he called "some of the stuff" on my web site. He was obviously unhappy with some of the comments he had read pertaining to his reputation. I quickly pointed out that I had never written anything negative about him, that he must be referring to the blog or one of the other web sites. He said that might be so but I was perpetuating it.

Mr. Johnson is not the first official who has taken issue with the information on mine or one of the other sites. But here is a simple solution for those who disagree. Respond. Mr. Johnson Mr. Arp, Mr. Brookshire or any other person who feels maligned is welcome to respond, refute or defend themselves at any time. I can't speak for the others, but I will be more than happy to provide space line for line for anyone who wants to respond. Explain your position. Bring another view point to the topic.

The one common thread with all these sites including www.vanshaver.com is our desire to bring much needed information to the community and I think we have been successful so far.